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Welcome to WBCC

Welcome to a realm of tranquility in the heart of the Bekaa. Here, you can forget about the city's hustle and bustle. Here, you can relax and unwind. Let nature rock you to sleep and the vast blue sky greet you every morning to the sound of jolly birds. West Bekaa Country Club (WBCC) is much more than a hospitality address. It is a leisure, recreation and wellbeing destination for corporate groups, families, couples and individuals seeking to unwind and reconnect with their inner peace. Whether you're visiting or staying, enjoy the fresh air, the endless greeneries, a wide range of eco-tourism and recreational activities, professional events services and excellent amenities for a memorable experience in the Bekaa Valley, where you can be closer than ever before to nature.


The Single Room
The Single Room
A cozy and warm space, ideal for single guests or couples looking to escape the city and indulge in a naturally lavish setting where abundance meets comfort and wellness. Our Single rooms offer a terrace with garden access for some quite and relaxing moments in nature.
$145 weekend - 110 weekdays/Night
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The Standard Chalet - Mexican style
The Standard Chalet - Mexican style
Perfect for a family of 4 or a small group of friends, our Standard Chalet - Mexican style bathe in lush green landscapes, with some offering a breathtaking view over the Barouk mountain. Expect a friendly mood with bright colors, reminiscent of traditional Spanish houses.
$200 weekend - 170 weekdays/Night
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The Bungalows
The Bungalows
Immerse yourself in nature by choosing to stay at one of our Bungalows. Located in a quiet area that's surrounded by Almond trees and greeneries, the Bungalows offer families and groups a unique conviviality experience where warmth and serenity come together.
$245 weekend - 200 weekdays/Night
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Back to nature experiences
Back to nature experiences
Back to Nature Experiences are teaming up in Spring, Summer and Fall seasons 2019 to present an extraordinary trip that leaves no one behind.
Eco-Tourism Discovery Package
Eco-Tourism Discovery Package
West Bekaa Country Club has the pleasure to offer you the Eco-Tourism Discovery package for 2019 to present an experience of a lifetime. An important bonding experience that no Scout will soon forget, campfire programs are a longstanding tradition that can be customized to suit the needs and talents of all Scouts categories


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With its vast open skies and clean air, the Bekaa Valley offers some of the best spots in the country for stargazing. A mesmerizing experience awaits first- timers as well as seasoned stargazers who are eager to identify constellations, wish upon a shooting star or just sit back and let the universe work its magic.

Wineries' Tours

Lebanon's wine is recognized around the world for its premium quality and rich taste. Go behind the scenes of some of Lebanon's best wineries nestled in the Bekaa Valley, explore the history of each label, and have a sip of your favorite white, red or rosé.


Discover the wonders of the Valley and the mountains surrounding it on foot by going on an exciting hiking trip. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced hiker, we have the right trail waiting for you. It's time to be one with nature!



Recreational Services

WBCC's expert and resourceful staff will fully assist you in devising a recreational program that fits your needs and hobbies. We customize eco-friendly leisure, entertainment and recreational programs for students, companies, and individuals.

Eco Tourism

At WBCC, we adopt the best environmental practices in our industry and have chosen to promote eco-tourism by becoming the first eco-friendly activities' hub in Lebanon in collaboration and with the support of local and international eco sports bodies and associations. Nature is our playground but also our home, and we're passionate about protecting it.

Corporate Packages

In addition to special corporate rates, we provide our corporate customers as well as their employees, customers, travelers, and guests with an impressive hospitality experience that mixes business with pleasure. Whether you're planning a corporate dinner, a retreat, a board meeting or a conference.

Full Hospitality Services

From 24-hour front desk assistance, convenient room service and wifi connection to our breakfast buffet, early check-ins, late check-outs, and special honeymoon packages, we spare no efforts into making your stay as comfortable and enjoyable.


Why Choose Us


We at WBCC take our green commitment seriously. We have pledged to protect nature, which has been so generous to us. To honor our environmental promise, we have embraced eco tourism and offer all sorts of eco-friendly activities including sustainable hunting and bird watching, so that our visitors can have fun in full respect of the environment.


Let your next road trip with family or friends lead you right to us! Our activities are accessible by both our resort guests and daily visitors, so start planning your fun-packed day with us! Swim, have a picnic, shoot some flying plates, hike, bike, camp, stargaze, visit wineries and much more!

Family & Kids Friendly

WBCC is the perfect family getaway. While parents get to relax away from the noisy city whether at the pool, or by enjoying a tour in nearby wineries, children of all ages can unleash their energy through an array of sports and leisure activities that fills their day with smiles and giggles!

Beautiful, Year-Round Weather

The Bekaa Valley changes colors from one season to another, offering spectacular views with fairytale sceneries. In summer, enjoy the golden fields with a cooling breeze; in spring, the gentle wind will blow your worries away; in fall, watch the Valley's mysterious charm unveil; and in winter, sip your hot chocolate next to the fireplace!

A Strategic Location

We're perfectly located in the heart of the West Bekaa Valley with the Litani River crossing our land. The Karaoun Lake and the Barouk Cedars' Reserve are 10 km and 9 km away respectively, the Al Sheikh Mountain 25 km away, the Assi River 90 km away and Beirut 80 km away.

A Great Hospitality Experience

WBCC offers you a pleasantly memorable stay from hello to goodbye. Our welcoming and friendly staff will go the extra mile to ensure your journey with us is unforgettable in every detail: from our comfortable rooms, to our scenic exteriors and refreshing amenities, everything will make you come back for more!

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WBCC, Nature's best friend

Talking about Nature is one thing, supporting Nature by deeds and action is another. The Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon - SPNL recommends WBCC for its high level of service, professionalism, and dedication to Nature.

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The British Council recommends WBCC

They came, they experienced, and they left with an incredible story to tell. We've received a recommendation letter from the British Council after their stay for their Regional Team meeting.

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