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With its vast open skies and clean air, the Bekaa Valley offers some of the best spots in the country for stargazing. A mesmerizing experience awaits first- timers as well as seasoned stargazers who are eager to identify constellations, wish upon a shooting star or just sit back and let the universe work its magic.

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Wineries' Tours

Lebanon's wine is recognized around the world for its premium quality and rich taste. Go behind the scenes of some of Lebanon's best wineries nestled in the Bekaa Valley, explore the history of each label, and have a sip of your favorite white, red or rosé.

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Discover the wonders of the Valley and the mountains surrounding it on foot by going on an exciting hiking trip. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced hiker, we have the right trail waiting for you. It's time to be one with nature!

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Bird Watching

Did you know that bird-watching can boost your health? Well, it can! So get your binoculars ready and sneak a peek at the different bird species that inhabit the Valley or are on their way to other habitats. If you're looking to calm your mind, bird-watching might just be the thing for you!

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Vibrant summer days always start with a splash in our outdoor pools! Choose between the Lounge Pool or the semi-Olympic Pool and set the mood right for a refreshing stay!

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ATV riding

ATV rides are filled with excitement and thrill for drivers and passengers alike! Stay on known trails or go off-road with your guide while you experience the Valley's beauty up-close and personal. Get out in the open, and have a real taste of adventure!

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Learn the right aiming techniques and work on your focus while having great fun in an inspiring natural setting! Archery is a perfect activity for those seeking to unwind, reconnect with their inner self and practice their balance and calmness skills.

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The Valley is known for its beautiful landscape, natural reserves, and virgin forests, but also for its caves, hidden in its wild mountains. Cave exploration is a wonderful activity that brings you closer to nature and gives you access to a rare kind of quiet. Gear up, adventure awaits!

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Sustainable Hunting

As an eco-friendly lodge nestled in the Valley, we understand our visitors' love for hunting. To cater for that interest, we organize sustainable hunting trips during which our experts will guide you and explain to you which species can be hunted and which are endangered and should be preserved.

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Tiro Trap Shooting

You love hunting but don't like to contribute negatively to damaging nature and hurting animals? Try our tiro shooting range! Practice your aiming skills, eagle eye and speed techniques while shooting at as many clay plates as possible. Enjoy it alone or compete with others!

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Get your cardio exercise on! Hop on a bicycle and explore the surroundings in solo, with a friend or with a group. Choose between exercising, mountain biking or nature exploration and start a memorable adventure in the Valley. Biking is a fun activity for everyone!

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Our Terrace Restaurant offers a rich variety of authentic Lebanese dishes to choose from. But that doesn't mean you can't throw your own picnic at WBCC! Gather up your family and friends and inquire about our specialized picnic services.

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Rope Crossing

Endurance, physical force and determination; these are the 3 ingredients for victory when you're practicing rope crossing! This is the go-to exercise if you have an extra boost of energy and are willing to challenge yourself. Come on, you can do it!

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Bonfires are nature's fireplace! They offer a cozy and convivial setting for couples, families and friends looking for a relaxing evening escape under the moonlight. Gather around, play music, share stories, watch the stars or have a warm drink. Whatever you do, it will be rhyme with amazing!

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Are you a big fan of the outdoors? Do your love discovering new natural spots and exploring the wild? Great! How about a camping trip? WBCC organizes ongoing camping activities and trips which you can join alone or with a group of friends, throughout the 4 seasons.

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The best pictures of the Bekaa Valley are taken from above. So get your safety gear ready, pull out your selfie stick and get ready to capture the breathtaking views while paragliding! Some moments are eternal, and this one promises to be one of the best moments of your life!

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Whether you feel like practicing your free throws or are ready for a heated game with your friends and family members, our Basketball court welcomes you during the day and early evening. Turn your energy levels on and beware, tons of fun ahead! Who's keeping scores?

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Mini Soccer

WBCC has a FIFA-certified mini soccer field for football aficionados. Nothing beats football when it comes to unleashing your energy, getting rid of stress and staying in shape during your stay with us. Nearby clubs, companies and groups are also welcome to play in our field.

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Hosting Butterflies Garden

For the first time in the Middle East & Africa, you can explore a real outdoor Butterfly Garden at WBCC! Step into a 2,000 sqm fairytale setting where a sea of butterflies hovers over brightly colored flowers. Wander around, plant a seed in our greenhouse, and watch nature work its magic!

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