Hosting Butterflies Garden

Occupying 2,000 sqm in the heart of WBCC, the Hosting Butterflies Garden is the first outdoor butterfly garden in the Middle East & Africa. The pesticide-free garden was created by the Society of the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) with the support of MAVA, CEPF, Birds Life International and Lush for natural cosmetics to create the perfect environment to attract butterflies. Get ready to step into a fairytale setting where you can wander around, enjoy a refreshing sense of tranquility, spot the different species, and watch nature work its magic through one of its most fascinating and delicate creatures. You can even plant a seed in the adjoining greenhouse! Intrigued? Call our team on +961 8 645601 or send us an email to info@wbccbekaa.com to know more about our Hosting Butterflies Garden.



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